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About Nose Pad King
We are one of the first "help the consumer" resources for replacement nose pads.  

Back in 2006, the Nose Pad King was just an idea from the growing concern that people were having a hard time finding replacement nose pads for their eyeglasses.  It all started from a small optical shop that needed another avenue for making money to pay the bills.  Having started from scratch and moved into a bad location with poor visibility to the public, the optical shop was sinking.  So it opened up an Ebay account and started to offer products online.  This started off slow, then made a positive impact after a couple of months.  Having gotten into the swing of things with posting online products (eyeglass frames and accessories), we noticed that people were actually auctioning off nose pads for eyeglasses.  This could seem like a normal idea, yet what was being auctioned off were the everyday nose pads that are a dime a dozen.  There was even a pair being auctioned that was used for a specific mount(don't remember what type).  This gave us an idea.

Since we were used to replacing nose pads and doing minor repairs and adjustments, we could sell nose pads by the pair without having people fight over them in auctions.  Well,  this obviously wasn't a bad idea since this little notion caught on pretty quick.  After a short while, we received numerous emails requesting particular mounts, materials, etc..  What started off as a simple plans to offer a few types of nose pads to the public became a job after a while.  Researching what we could get the consumer, and making it happen was soon a responsibility.  Considering the time we were putting in for just nose pads, we decided to create the "Nose Pad King".  

It's amazing what can come from a simple non thought out plan.  Here we are years later and we offer 7 materials, many different mount types, with size variations starting as small as 6mm in length and as long as 21mm.  Shapes and textures as well as whether or not a nose pad is hypo-allergenic or not is an important factor in helping you choose the correct nose pads for your eyeglasses.  With helpful tips discussed in our newsletters, we also give info on what not to do and what may be good options for particular mounts as well as "How to"  explained in what we try put into layman's terms.  

So what we are is an online resource for info, tips, and aid in selection of nose pads "One pair at a time!"