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Most of us think about nose pads as a right and left individual pieces that sit on either side of the nose.  Yet there are more options to just having the support of your whole frame rest from two points on your nose.  What if you could even the weight and let more rest onto the bridge of your nose?  Or maybe you have a frame that comes equipped with a unifit bridge, meaning a bridge piece that rests over the nose as would a plastic eyeglass frame.  

Whatever the case, there are options for those of you who have individual nose pads and are possibly suffering from a heavy frame and lens.  You could try using a saddle bridge, or what we call them, nose pad straps.  They are flexible bridges that mount onto the frame by the same means as the individual nose pads.  

Here are some available mount types for the nose pad straps;
  • Zeiss plug in
  • Clip on

      Unifit bridges are different. They are not as flexible and are made to attach to either metal or plastic frames by means of a screw or screws. And others attach by different methods. ​ These other methods may just be a snap fit or prongs from the eyeglass frame plug into the bridge piece.  Whatever the case, or however they may be made, the unifit bridge piece sole purpose is to mimic the contour and fit that a plastic eyeglass frame can provide.  

     There is however one benefit that a silicone bridge piece has over a plastic eyeglass frame.  That is the ability to adjust the narrowness of the bridge.  This applies only to the adjustable unifit bridge pieces and not the hard plastic bridge pieces that either snap or screw into place.  
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