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Clip on mount Nose Pads
     Clip on mount nose pads are nose pads that have two rear flaps or what you could call arms on the base of the nose pad.  These flaps are the main support for this particular mount nose pad.  Originally found on many frames from the brand RayBan, which was created by Bausch and Lomb and is now owned by Luxottica.  Although with increasing popularity of the brand, other brands followed with the use of this nose pad.  

  Check out other Brands that use the clip on nose pads Below

15mm clip on mount nose pad in plastic with sliver insert
     Clip on mount nose pads come in many sizes and shapes.  And they are available in three materials.  To the right are some 13mm sized teardrop shaped nose pads which are among the smallest clip on mount nose pads.  They can range up to 20mm in length which would fit large aviator style sunglasses that need the pad length for the support.  

     Below you can see that there is more than just the individual clip on mount nose pads.  These are saddle strap nose pads and are one piece.
     Clip on nose pads need precautionary measures before handling.  What you should do to prepare when removing the clip on mount nose pads;

  • Protect the lenses of the frame
  • Brace the back of the nose pad arm
  • Get a small flat head screwdriver for prying

     Before attempting to take off the existing nose pad or nose pad base, be sure to protect the lenses of the eyeglass or sunglasses (whichever you are working on).  This can be done a couple of ways;

  • Use a lens protector to shield the lens​ or
  • Cover the lens with a microfiber cloth
photo of a clip on mount nose pad positioned on  the nose pad arm.