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Hypo-allergenic nose pads
When we think about changing nose pads, our first thoughts are getting the right replacement whether it be proper mount type or just getting a more comfortable nose pad.  But for some of you, it is whether or not you can find a nose pad or eyeglass frame that will work with you and not against you.  

So for you sensitive wearers out there, we have nose pads for you.  There are only a couple of nose pad materials available that should help you to a less irritating wear.  Those being Glass and the titanium.  We could also add ceramic nose pads to the roster, yet they have become extinct and as they are hypo-allergenic,unfortunately they are no longer a viable option.  

Titanium Nose Pads
     Known for its lightweight and strength, titanium nose pads are also hypo-allergenic.  Available in two known mount types and four known sizes, the titanium nose pads come in the following;

  • Screw-in mounts
  • Snap-in mounts

     The available sizes are;

  • 8mm round nose pads
  • 12mm teardrop nose pads
  • 13mm oval nose pads
  • 17mm teardrop nose pads (Only snap-in mount)​

     The titanium nose pads are rigid and may not prove as comfortable ​as a silicone nose pad.  See more on titanium.....

Glass Nose Pads
     Another material known for being hypo-allergenic is the glass material.  This also rigid material may seem like an uncomfortable companion, yet with its rounded edges, this may be more comfortable than you realize.  With more mount options and sizes to offer than the titanium, the glass nose pads will give the wearer more choices to fit their frame.  The glass nose pads are made in three different mount types.  They are;

  • Screw-in mount
  • Snap-in mount
  • Slide-on mount

     Along with having one more mount types than the titanium, the glass nose pads have many ​sizes to offer.  Here is a list of the sizes;

  • 9mm round nose pads (snap-in and screw-in)
  • 9mm round nose pads (slide-on mount)
  • 12mm teardrop nose pads
  • 13mm oval nose pads
  • 15mm teardrop shaped nose pads
  • 17mm teardrop shaped nose pads
  • 19mm teardrop shaped nose pads

     For more info on the Glass nose pads Click here!