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Nose Pad King Nose Pad mounts
Primadonna mount nose pads
Slide on mount nose pads (rimless mount)
Screw in mount nose pads
Screw in nose pads
Nose pads that are attached to the eyeglasses frames by means of a small screw.
Snap in nose pads
Primadonna pads
Here are some different ways that nose pads attach to an eyeglass or sunglasses frame.  From the most common nose pad mounts to special nose pad mounts found on some designer frames.
Nose pads that are snapped into a rectangular opening in the nose pad arm.
Special design nose pads that have a thin anvil shaped back that fit into openings similar to those of snap in nose pads.
System 3 nose pads
Unique nose pads that pop into an opening yet hold onto the frame by the grooved section of the nose pads.
Plug in (post mount)
Slide on (rimless)
These nose pads fit over thin metal posts, which in a sense, the metal posts plug into the pad, thus the name.
Mostly found on full rimless eyeglasses frames, these attach by sliding down the neck of the nose pad into an open ended hook (nose pad arm).
Snap in mount nose pads
Clip on mount nose pads
Clip on nose pads
     Most commonly thought of as the RayBan nose pad and used on other designer brands such as Oliver Peoples, these nose pads wrap around the nose pad arm as if hugging it.
Bifurcated nose pads
Bifurcated Nose Pads
     Bifurcated nose pads are special mount nose pads found on the Algha Works frames from England.  Although they may prove useful for other antique models.
Split pin nose pads
Split Pin Nose Pads
     Split Pin nose pads were the go to nose pad for a few older antique eyeglass frames.  The post is actually split down the center so that it can bend outwards to hold the nose pad in place.
Square pin Nose Pad
Square pin Nose Pad
    An uncommon nose pad, the Square pin nose pad mounted just like the split pin nose pads, with the exception that the square pin nose pads was made with one complete solid post.
Nose Pad Boots, Slip over nose pads
Nose Pad Boots
     Nose Pad Boots are special nose pads meant to fit over existing nose pads.  Usually this is placed over hard nose pads to allow more cushion/comfort.
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System 3 nose pads
Plug in mount (post mount) nose pads
Sleeve Mount Plug in
Sock Mount Plug in
Snappy Pads
Special mount silicone nose pad that reaches around both ends of the nose pad arm to allow the nose pad arm to fit inside the two sided sleeves.
Special mount silicone nose pads that fit the same nose pad arm as the fold over sleeve mount.  Yet this nose pad only has a small opening on one side of the pad.  The small hole fits over the nose pad arm like a sock.
This special nose pad is usually found on plastic eyeglass frames.  The eyeglass frame will have two small holes along the inside of the bridge where the two small posts of this nose pad snap into place.
Nose pads that mount onto two posts that stick out from the sunglasses frame.  These are adhered to the frame by means of adding a small drop of super glue gel.