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Nose Pads Shapes
Nose pads come in various shapes.  From round to oval, to teardrop and asymmetrical shapes that appear flat on one side and and even rectangular shapes.  Although the different shapes cause a different look among different eyeglass frames, they however are not the deciding factor when replacing nose pads.  Although we may try to copy the shape we have previously had when we bought the eyeglass frame, it is not imperative that we do.  Some nose pad shapes may serve a purpose other than just a look.  Given the design or placement of a teardrop or an asymmetrical shaped nose pad, they may also prove beneficial in support.  Although that may depend upon frame size and weight of a particular eyeglass whereas size of the nose pad may need to be considered.
Teardrop shaped nose pads

These particular nose pads taper from a wider section to a cone or pointed (narrower) section.  If you were to flip the teardrop shaped nose pads over you will find that the mount of the nose pads are placed directly in the center .  This meaning from top to bottom or lengthwise.  The teardrop nose pads are commonly mounted with the wider section of the nose pad up with the narrower section of the pad pointing down (away from the eyes).  However, there is no right or wrong way to mount these nose pads.  
Oval nose pads

These nose pads are your typical common nose pads.  This shape seems to be the most used among many optical shops.  Due to the fact that the shape is symmetrical and has the same appearance no matter how they are mounted.  Also given the oval shape allows the nose pads to place the weight in the center of the pads, given that the nose pads are properly adjusted to ones face.

Rectangular shaped nose pads

Rectangular shaped nose pads are not as common as the oval and round shaped nose pads, yet they do allow for even distribution of weight and altogether have a nice look to them.  Most commonly found on the system 3 pads, and some screw-in and snap-in mount soft plastic nose pads.