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Nose Pad Sizes
Well we all know that various nose pads come in different shapes and ways that they attach to the eyeglass or sunglasses frames, yet with those aspects we should also look at how different sizes of nose pads differ and how they can affect us.  

Most important reminder to all those of you who may be concerned first of all on size of a nose pad;
Know this-- the most important factor in any replacement nose pad is to be sure that first you understand what mount type you need for your frame.  Once you understand what the correct nose pad is for your situation, you can then view all the available sizes there are for that particular nose pad mount.

Another important factor about nose pad sizes is that once you do have the correct mount type, all available nose pad sizes in that mount type WILL fit that frame.  Although we would not suggest putting a small round 9mm nose pad on a large men's eyeglass frame, just as we would not suggest putting very large nose pads on a small child's eyeglass frame.  That would be about as practical as placing monster truck tires on a smart car.

Small nose pad sizes
     Let's start with the smallest of nose pad sizes and show the various sizes available in that category.  
We have split nose pad sizes into 3 categories.  S, M, L
     Since we are splitting the nose pad sizes into three groups, we will group frame size with each nose pad size group.  This means that when we discuss small nose pads, we will match them with eyeglass frame sizes that would fit them accordingly.
Small plug in mount nose pads found on reading glasses
Medium nose pad sizes
     Medium nose pads are probably the most common sized nose pads.  These nose pads are found on many eyeglass frames and even some larger sunglasses.  You will also notice that we have an 11mm size nose pad in the small section and another shape of the 11mm size nose pad in the medium group.  This is due to the diameter of the nose pad, even though the number represents the length of the nose pad.
Large Nose Pad Sizes
     Large nose pads, usually found on very large eyeglass frames and some big sunglasses.  More as a necessity for support rather than comfort, although they can be quite comfortable if properly adjusted.