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PVC Material nose pads
On this page we will describe the PVC nose pads.  The term PVC is short for PolyVinyl Chloride.  PVC is made commonly in two forms, which are the rigid (construction pipe) and also a  flexible form.  Nose pads fall in the category of the flexible form of PVC.  Although even in that category, they are separated into a more rigid form and a more pliable form.  PVC nose pads are available (in both forms) in a small variety of nose pad mounts (Explained below), and of those mounts they are limited to a couple of variances in shapes and sizes.
Primadonna nose pad in the PVC material

The different faces of PVC.
​Rigid PVC nose pads
Soft PC nose pads
     Rigid PVC nose pads are nose pads made in the PVC material with minimum plasticizers used to create a firm but not totally rigid product that is durable for long wear while maintaining a surface that is not uncomfortable when positioned well.
     Soft PC nose pads are nose pads that are made in the PVC material, yet have added plasticizers used as a softening agent.  The soft PVC nose pads are quite flexible and can bend.  Although they are not as pliable as the silicone material, they do allow the pad to conform to one's nose more than would a rigid PVC nose pad.