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Plug in nose pads
Plug in nose pads are specially designed to fit onto a thin metal post.  Given the name for the way the post attaches (plugs into) the nose pads.  These particular mount nose pads come in a few sizes.

The larger sizes are found on older Zeiss frames and for that they have been given the name Zeiss nose pads.  These are the largest of the plug in mount nose pads.  They come in a 17mm to 20mm length nose pads.
Smaller versions of this nose pad are found on some Rimless frames and with the smallest of the nose pads found on reading glasses.


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Zeiss bayonet shaped nose pad (left) and plug in mount 10.5mm (right)
Plug in nose pad 10.5mm in length (side view)
Plug in mount nose pad 10.5 mm  (View of opening)
     Plug in mount nose pads sizes and shapes
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