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Primadonna nose pads
     Primadonna nose pads are different than common types of nose pads.  That referring to the commonly used snap-in and screw-in mount nose pads.  Also, the primadonna mount nose pads also get mistaken for the snap in mount nose pads.  The reason for this is the opening where the nose pad mounts into.  On a snap-in mount, the average sized opening is a 4 millimeter length with a 2 millimeter width where the base of the snap-in mount nose pads are inserted.  Whereas the primadonna mount nose pads have a smaller opening which could be mistaken for the snap-in mount.  The size of the opening on a primadonna mount nose pad arm should be around 2 1/2 millimeters in length and just over 1 millimeter in width.  

     Check out below for mounting tips and instructions.

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15mm asymmetrical Primadonna nose pad in PVC
Primadonna mount nose pad shown at the side view.
Another side view of the primadonna mount nose pad
Close up view of the base of the primadonna nose pad.
​     How to remove old primadonna nose pads
     Trying to remove and mount primadonna nose pads can be tricky the first time around.  But the good news is, once you've got the idea of how they come off and on, you can become pro in no time.  

     Now first we should focus on removal, which in fact is the opposite of insertion.  You may find that removal takes a little more skill than actually placing new primadonna nose pads on the eyeglass frame.  

NOTE:  You may want to have a pair of small pliers available to keep the nose pad arm from bending back and forth too much.  this will cause the frame adjustment to be off, and too much movement could weaken an older frame, or the nose pad arm may even break off if too much tugging persists.  

1.  Handling the frame --- You will need your hand and a small pair of pliers.  If none are available, two hands will work.  Start off by securing the nose pad arm by either the small pliers or a couple of fingers.  Now you are ready to work the nose pads out.
2.  Removing the nose pad  --- With your hands in place, use a couple of fingers to grab the existing nose pad (or whatever is left) and pivot the nose pad either up or down lengthwise to where the corner of the nose pad is braced against one side of the opening.  The pad should be at around a 45 degree angle at this point.  You should be able to pull and the nose pad should come out.  Yet this sounds easier than it is, however, when the pad is in the right place, the nose pad will come out.  

We will have photos showing the process soon!
Primadonna in our store!
13mm oval silicone primadonna mount
13mm oval Pvc primadonna mount
9mm round silicone primadonna mount nose pads
15mm silicone D shape primadonna mount nose pads