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Nose pads that snap into place to mount are known as the snap in mount nose pads.  They have been called a few things along the way, yet all the names equally describe the way the nose pads are placed onto the frame.  

Alternate names associated with this type are;
  • Snap on
  • Click in 
  • push on

​Whatever the name may be, they attach the same way.  This mount is probably the second most common way to attach a nose pad other than the popular screw in mount method.  Below are some pictures of some examples of what a snap in mount nose pad looks like.
13THD High Density silicone nose pads(snap-in)
Snap in mount nose pads
Snap-in mount titanium nose pads
Asymmetrical shaped Hard Plastic nose pads shown in a sliver snap-in mount

Silicone nose pads in 14 mm length
     Snap-in mount nose pads have a rectangular nose pad base that presses into a rectangular opening in the nose pad arm as you can see below.  The snap-in mount nose pads have a sort of neck to them.  This is the area on the nose pad base that is not as thick as the nub on the base or end of the snap-in structure of the nose pad.  You can see an examples to the left.
Snap-in nose pad shown mounted from the bottom (back) of the nose pad base.
Snap-in mount nose pad mounted on an eyeglass frame.
Angled view of the snap-in mount neck of the nose pad
View of the neck of the snap-in nose pad mount on a metal insert.
Another look at the neck of the nose pad mount on a snap-in mount nose pad (silicone).
For removal of the snap-in mount nose pads, here are some helpful tips;

1.  Most snap-in mount nose pads can be removed by pulling at one end of the pad until the pad comes out.  (Not best practice)  
2.  Although you can remove the nose pads by pulling at one end, you may cause the nose pad arm to bend out of adjustment. If this happens, you may want to consider another form of removal
3.  You can use a screwdriver tip to open the rectangular box to allow easier removal/insertions of nose pads.  Use this method when you cannot remove the nose pads by hand, or when you need extra help getting the nose pads out.  The nose pads that have metal inserts as well as the titanium nose pads may need the assistance of a screwdriver blade to open the bottom of the snap-in mount nose pad arm.  
4.  For best removal that may not bend the nose pad arm, use a nose pad removal tool.  This comes in the form of a tweezer.  (shown above)
<-- Neck
<-- Neck
Nose pad removal tool in position to pop out a snap-in mount nose pad.
                Useful tools needed for removal
Nose pad removal tool (remove without bending nose pad arm)
Nose pad removal tool (tweezer)
Flat head screwdriver (on occasion)
Screwdriver with Flat tip to pry open nose pad arm (if needed)
Your fingers (although not suggested)
Nose pad arm of a snap-in mount nose pad.
     The photo above show a close of of the nose pad arm of a snap-in mount nose pad.  Notice the two nubs on the interior of the nose pad arm?  Those are for the neck of the nose pad to snap into place.  The head of the nose pad base of the nose pad (the wider section above the neck) will pass these two nubs so that the neck can rest in place.  This creates a good hold for the snap-in mount nose pad as the nose pads are less likely to fall out.  

NOTE:  The nose pads will rock or pivot as they do on a screw-in mount due to the position of the two interior nubs.  This allows the other end of the nose pad to gently fall out of place which creates a rocking motion, allowing the nose pads to pivot .
A look at the bottom of the nose pad arm of a snap-in mount nose pad.  Notice the split down the center?
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