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System 3 nose pads
System 3 nose pads are unique design nose pads.  They may at first appear to to be mono or slide-on nose pads.  However the difference between System 3 nose pads and slide-on nose pads is primarily the way these nose pads are mounted onto an eyeglass or sunglasses frame.  Slide on nose pads slide down into an open hook where the system 3 nose pads actually fit through an opening in an enclosed nose pad arm.  Now even though the idea of mounting is a little different than other methods of mounting nose pads, they are not confined to a particular shape.  There are three different shapes associated with the system 3 mount nose pads, they are;

1.  Rectangular - most common used system 3 nose pads
​2.  Teardrop      - second most popular method, usually found on a select few eyeglass brands
3.  Oval             - Not a common nose pad, actually comes in 2 sizes

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