System "3" silicone nose pads are uniquely different in style.  Their purpose is to mount  onto a square or rectangular shaped opening in the nose pad arm.  Very similar to the slide-on mount nose pads, the system "3" silicone nose pads have the larger front (pad) with a stem (like that of the slide-on mount) and a lip (base of nose pad).  However, the stem of this particular nose pad is rectangular in shape, like that of the main part of the nose pad.  The back (base) acts as a lip as would some gaskets.   So to sum up the idea of a system "3" nose pad, would be a cross between a snap-in and slide-on nose pad.
System "3" nose pads
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System "3" nose pads.  A different type of nose pad mount in between a snap-in and a slide-on type mount.  Made from silicone, will work on specific eyeglass frames only.
System "3" nose pads
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