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Titanium Nose Pads
13mm oval shaped snap in mount  titanium nose pad
Titanium nose pads in a gold color
Titanium nose pads---

     Made from the material titanium, which is a lightweight hypo-allergenic material.  The titanium nose pads are great for those who have suffered allergies to additives placed in other nose pad materials.  Although they are not soft nose pads, the titanium pads can reach a comfortable spot when the pad arms are adjusted properly for the wearer's face.  

     The titanium nose pads, as beneficial as they may be, only have a small availability when considering the many ways a nose pad can mount to an eyeglass frame.  Those mounts are the following;

  • Screw-in mount
  • Snap-in mount

     Unlike the silicone nose pads, the titanium nose pads are not produced in large quantities due to the lack of demand.  It is costly to produce the titanium nose pads.  Therefore it is not cost effective to create the various mount types for different frames in the titanium material. 

12mm teardrop shaped titanium  nose pad in gold color


      Since the titanium nose pads are not found available in many mounts, it may be safe to say that there are not many sizes available as well.  There are currently three common sizes among the titanium nose pads.  There are more than just three sizes made.  Yet there are only three sizes that are readily available that offer both screw-in and snap-in mounts.  Those sizes are;

  • 8mm round nose pads
  • 12mm teardrop nose pads
  • 13mm oval shaped nose pads